Project Lede empowers middle school students to start and run their own school newspapers, both in print and online. Why a newspaper? Why middle school?

Pilot Program

Check out photos & videos from our summer camp, which taught a diverse group of Cloonan Middle School students how to start a school paper.


Using journalism, we hope to engage students at a critical point in their academic and social development. Read about our goals here.

Extracurricular participation, in particular, has the potential to influence student belonging and promote positive academic and psychosocial outcomes. —Research in Middle Level Education, Vol. 29 No. 9

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Exciting Updates

Project Lede—which is now 501(c)(3) status-pending—has a...

Last Day

Friday was our last day of camp, and it was filled with...

Receiving the Newspaper & Presenting the Disposable Camera Project

The newspaper arrived today! The students were so excited...

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